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Leta Lost, A third person adventure game which finds "Leta" the protagonist becoming lost and separated from her mother inside a huge furniture store. You (Leta) must manoeuvre through a maze of furniture, gather candy to bribe other children and avoid guards in order to progress through the levels.

If you'd like to fill out a simple survey based on what you've played to provide us with some much needed constructive both negative and positive feedback would be greatly appreciated. (Link Below)



Lukas Haak - Game Design

David Nikolovski - Game Design

Dominique Eichenberger - Animation

Mat Godfrey - Animation

Benny Xu - Animation

Kage Lotulelei (Semisi) - Animation

Former Members:

Sandra - Animation

Sophie - Animation


Playing with a controller is highly recommended

Left Joystick = Move

Right Joystick = Camera Movement

A = Jump

X = Interact (IE the prompts)

Right Bumper = Run

(Press Enter Key to progress through dialogue)

Warning: Game still needs a lot of work (WIP)

LETAdventure begin.


Leta Lost v1.1.2.zip 39 MB

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